Monday, March 3, 2014

Morning Journal Corrections Policy

The Morning Journal strives for accuracy in the news stories and other content published on and in its print edition.
We are committed to correcting all errors that come to our attention, and encourage readers, story sources and the community at-large to point them out to us.
Errors can be brought to our attention in a number of ways, including contacting the reporter who wrote the story in question by email or phone or by contacting Managing Editor Darryl Tucker at or at 440-245-6901.
We believe that no correction is too small to deserve our attention, and so we urge readers to notify us of everything from clear errors in fact, to misspelling of names, to improper or missing context that leads to a misrepresentation of the issue being discussed.
We strive to correct errors in our reporting as quickly as possible, and in several ways.
If a story has appeared both online and in print, we will print a correction in both places. Our Corrections box in the print edition of The Morning Journal appears daily on Page A2. Our Corrections page can also be found online at
Because we are able to edit stories online after they are initially published, we will do so to fix the information that was wrong. But we will also list a note at the bottom of the story marked "Editor's Note" that points out what was changed from the earlier version of the story. That correction note will also appear on this blog.
We can't guarantee a mistake-free newspaper and website, but we can pledge to be transparent about how we deal with and correct mistakes.

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